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How to Relax When You Can’t Make the Time

How to Relax When You Can’t Make the Time

It seems that when life gives you no time to relax is when you need to relax most of all.

You can use quick minute meditations when you get a chance to sneak some me-time in between tasks.

Relax and close your eyes.

Breathe deeply through your nose and out your mouth.

Mentally observe your breathing and notice how your chest rises and falls with each breathe you take, in and out, slowly, unhurried.

Clear your mind and try to separate yourself from your surroundings. Just focus on your breathing and let go, for the moment.

Use lunchtime if you need a longer session. Just eat first, and then you can use whatever time you have left on your lunch break to meditate.

Sometimes you lose sight of your part in all of this and need help getting back on track.

It can seem like you would give anything to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Use these guided meditations to pull the stress and worry from your mind. Put on some relaxing music that will help you become more calm and peaceful.

Go into a darkened room and light a candle. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Try to empty your head and in your mind find a calm place where you feel safe.

Open your eyes and gaze at the candle flame. Think about the stress just falling away from you, how you are starting to feel more relaxed as the candle burns.

Every moment you watch the flame flicker you are feeling more relaxed.

You start thinking about going to sleep and how you will just fall asleep, very relaxed and calm and peaceful. Once you see that your body is relaxing, blow out the candle and go to bed, keeping your peaceful frame of mind with you.

You can take a relaxing warm bath with essentials oils to help you achieve a calm and restful state. Feel how the water is lifting your body up, making you buoyant and free.

Start relaxing each part of your body, first your toes and the arches of both feet, then your ankles, then your calves and knees. Feel them floating up in the water. Then your thighs and hips, warm water relaxing your joints. Feel your legs relax and float in the water.

Then relax your stomach and stretch your back, then your shoulders and neck.

Feel your arms relaxing and floating in the water. Then calm your mind.

Just take a moment and feel how the water surrounds your body and warms it.

Stay in the present moment and when you start feeling sleepy, get out of the bath and go straight to bed.

Another way is to lie in a comfortable reclined position, either a lounge chair or in your bed. Think about taking off one stressful thing at a time, like they are heavy clothing weighing you down.

As you remove each piece, you feel lighter and you are floating up, unburdened. You have now removed each piece of worry and you are feeling so light and free.

Go to sleep when you feel you are ready.

If you want to vary your guided meditations you can search the web for meditations scripts or relaxation scripts.

You’ll find many that will help you add some variety to your precious relaxation time.

Use these guided meditation techniques the next time you feel the stress coming back.

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