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And I must say this product is fantastic, no lie

Alexandra C.

I've been longing for a diffuser for quite a while now. And I must say this product is fantastic, no lie. I'm using lavender oil currently and the smell is magnificent. I like how this product wasn't too expensive, not to mention it came with bonuses. I'm covered on filters for two years! Isn't that something? Go on, try this product. Give it a go, and if it isn't satisfactory, let me tell you the service is great and they'll most likely give you a refund or replacement!

This is a great humidifier! It works very well in my sons

Jay and Heidi Dickinson

This is a great humidifier! It works very well in my sons room. I have had some difficulty with humidifiers in the past, but this one has held up so far. We use the humidifier every night while he is sleeping and sometimes put the essential oil in it. This comes with everything that is needed, plus some extras for when you need to change the inside. I highly recommend this humidifier.



The headlamp was perfect! I purchased this for a night 10K race and was very pleased with how quickly it charged and how little it moved throughout my run. It was super lightweight- I barely noticed I was wearing it. I love it's option to flip the light down at different angels which helped when navigating different parts of the trail. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who participates in athletic activities at night.

Little lamp that could

R Vander Wijngaart

Light is very bright and cheaper than the famous Petzl, especially considering it contains a USB rechargeable battery. I just got the lamp today, so I cannot yet tell how durable the lamp is. The rubber flap covering the USB port looks a bit flimsy, and I am a little concerned about that. With my Petzl that flap is sturdier, and is not directly exposed (it is behind a plastic cover). But the Aennon is 3x cheaper and has four light modes, high beam, low beam, strobe, and red light. So I am very willing to take the chance.