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About Us

Aennon, Inc.

A family run business (yes, they still exist) with a goal to provide quality and affordable products that enhance everyday life.

We began right around the time my second child was born. The business was like a third baby to me.

My wife and I shoved all our time, energy, and money (or what was left of those after taking care of the kids) and built this business on the dream of creating something of our own that would give to others and support our family.

Here it is: Aennon!

To facilitate our growth worldwide we have now a world-class team that’s ready to support you 24/7.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make lifestyle improvement simple (and affordable!).

We believe it’s easy to make your indoor and outdoor experiences safer, more convenient and healthier by using high quality products.

Our products include humidifiers, aroma diffusers, LED headlamps, motion sensor lights, work lights or products and services we’ve stumble upon that we have tested and found to be too awesome not to share with you.

We’ve built a reputation with thousands of customers for incredible products and equally incredible customer service.

Our products are known to be….sleek, simple and superior.

Here is how we fulfill our purpose:

1. Building relationships with our suppliers, our colleagues and most importantly, our customers.

2. Loving what we do.

3. Being experts. Knowledge & expertise allows us to educate our customers and enrich the quality of their lives.

4. Offering genuine products that are made by people who truly care.

5. Offering world-class customer service. 

Expect nothing but the best from us.

We look forward to serving you with our great products and customer service!


Andrea Lamare

Co-Founder, Aennon, Inc