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Pain has a Purpose, Don't lose hope

Pain has a Purpose, Don't lose hope

What you're about to hear may offend you it's not my intention to offend you but I am here to share with you something that I'm not even gonna claim as the truth I found that chasing truth isn't quite the same thing as finding what's useful and rejecting anything that isn't and there are an awful lot of philosophies in this world that will promise you lots of things how to get what you want how to move into the life that you're supposed to have so that you can never again have any kind of problems are you kidding me life has problems life contains pain and there's not a human being on this planet not you not me not any of us that hasn't experienced pain at some point and I don't know exactly where you're at right now maybe here there are areas of your life that aren't quite to your liking and maybe that's just putting in generally maybe there are parts of your life they're absolutely messed up.

But here's what I do know for sure pain has a purpose and contrary to what you've been told the purpose of pain is not to teach you to be tough and just to hang in there and just just hang in there just be you can do it no this is not what life is about life is supposed to be actually abundant life is supposed to be joyful life is actually supposed to be fun but if you look around you in the world where's the fun where's the fun in chaos where's the joy in the pain that seems to be multiplying in our world you have probably been lied to and you've probably been told that the secret to happiness is in following someone else's recipe and I'm here to tell you then you don't need anybody else's recipe you don't need anybody elses formula there is no other blueprint that some other human being has developed it's gonna be right for you because they're not living your life and they don't understand your pain I'm not claiming to understand your pain but I do know the pain serves the purpose and once you understand that purpose once you understand how to harness the power of pain once you understand how to alkalize that energy that hurts then all of a sudden life takes on a little bit different meaning all of a sudden you begin to experience a sense of your own power not only your power to deal with things and cope with things and just put up with things and tolerate things.

This is not a message of tolerating stuff you don't want this is about understanding how it was created in the first place and yes I am suggesting that you have the power right now watching this hearing these words you have the power to make some changes you have the power to change what's going on in your life you have the power to change how you feel and what better power is there in this entire universe than understanding and mastering your own feelings so what you want isn't the things you don't want to make more money you don't want to have a bigger house you don't want to travel more you don't you don't even want the perfect person to treat you in the perfect way what you want is the way that you believe all those things are gonna make you feel and since it's the feeling that you're going for in the first place why not go for the feeling first why not take back your own ability to influence your own thoughts your own feelings to tap back into that rich inner experience of life.

This is all under your control and the beauty of it is that when you do regain that practical sense of self mastery your own ability to source your feelings and to feel what's right for you right now independent of other people's thoughts or opinions or ideas about what they think you should be doing once you regain that sense of self and everything just starts to flow and then yes you can have whatever you can envision having the money comes the freedom the travel the stuff of life the energy in relationships all of that comes back in but not because you need it to be happy not because you need those things to fulfill something inside of you that doesn't feel fulfilled leave that game for the rest of the world when you reclaim your own sense of inner peace your own feelings of inner power watch what happens watch what happens as your thoughts your feelings your language your behaviors begin to align with the deepest truth of who you know you actually want