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FAQ LED Headlamp

Q. What kind of batteries do the LED headlamp use?
A. The headlamp uses AAA batteries.
Q. Do the batteries come with the LED headlamp?
A. Yes, the LED headlamp comes with the batteries.
Q. Can I use rechargeable batteries with the LED headlamp?
A. Yes, you can use AAA rechargeable batteries. The battery capacity is measured in Milliamp Hours (mAh) – the higher the capacity, the longer the device will run i.e. 2300mAh can be recharged 1500 times and will hold its charge for 12 hours when not in use.

Q. Is there an indicator when the batteries are getting low?
A. No, the LED headlamp does not have an indicator for telling you to put new batteries in but the light will get dim.
Q. How many lumens does the LED headlamp have?
A. The LED headlamp has 30 Lumen of darkness-busting power.

Q. What is the distance/ area the beam will enlighten?
A. The LED headlamp gives 50 meter or 164 feet of visibility.

Q. Can the elastic band be taken off and can it be washed?
A. Yes, the headbands can be taken off and be washed.
Q. Can the headbands be washed?
A. Yes, you can wash it by hand with soft soap but take care never to soak or dump the light part under water.
Q. Is the lamp also suitable for skiing?
A. Yes, the LED headlamp is suitable for skiing.
Q. Does the light illumine a wide span of roadway in front of you or just in a beam like a spotlight?
A. The LED headlamp is not just a spot light but spreads out to the side so you can walk or run with ease.
Q. How much does it weigh?
A. The LED headlamp weighs 112 gram / 3.9 ounce
Q. Is there latex in the areas that touch the skin?
A. Only the light changing pressing button has silicon content in it.
Q. Is the LED headlamp waterproof?
A. The headlamp is not waterproof, but is water-resistant. That means it can handle splashing or spraying of water.
Q. I cannot get the battery case to go in deep enough to shut the lid?
A. When you insert the battery case, make sure the square silver contact point on the battery case faces the light before you slip it in. That way the case will slide in deep enough for the lid to close. Take care because the case can get stuck if you put it in wrong. See this manual for visiuals
Here is a video with instructions:


Q. How do you open the battery case? I am having trouble opening it.

A. You can use a screwdriver (medium size), or a penny/sent, to gently turn the groove located on one side of the bulb unit. Turn about 180 degrees counter-clockwise and the battery pack will 'spring' outward.

Insert the provided batteries and gently ease the pack back into the casing. To secure, gently turn clockwise while exerting slight pressure to lock battery pack back into housing. See this manual for visuals.

Q. Can the LED headlamp be tilted?
A. Yes, the sturdy headlamp body tilts up to 90°, even upward unlike other headlamps.

Q. Can the LED headlamp light remember the last setting that was used?
A. No this LED headlamp does not have this memory function built in.
Q. Do I have to go through all the settings every time I need specific beam strength or does it have a ‘more than one button’ selection possibility?

A. The LED headlamp has only one selection button so you will have to go through all the settings every time you need specific beam strength.

Q. Does the red light flash or has it a continuous beam?

A. The red light has a continuous beam.

Q. How many LEDs are in this LED headlamp?

A. There are 10 altogether.

Q. Will the LED headlamp elastic band fit a small child’s head?

A. The LED headlamp elastic band is adjustable and fits any head size, including that of a child, however one must push the toggle switch on top of light, a few times to reach different levels.