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FAQ Humidifier

Q. My humidifier leaks and/or is not working properly or stopped working after a while

A. Some advisable trouble-shooting steps to take:

1. There is a water valve (aka “safety cap”) at the base of the humidifier (see Manual page 4 where to find this). Remove the safety cap by pulling it softly.

There is a floater inside (plastic washer ring), remove the floater, dry it off with a towel so that it’s clean, place the floater back in, put the safety cap back on, MAKE SURE THE SAFETY CAP IS PUSHED DOWN FIRMLY WITH FEET FACING DOWN. Put the water tank back on; plug in the humidifier.

The safety cap helps manage the floaters movement. The floater controls the water flow of the humidifier, if it floats too high due to the safety cap not placed on correctly, the humidifier will stop working and/or cause leakage.

Usually the issue will be solved by the step just described. However, here are a few more trouble-shooting steps if needed.

2. There is not enough water in the water tank. Refill the water tank

3. Confirm there is water in the water bowl; the water needs to come from the tank to the water bowl once the top part is put back. Please check this has taken place (see User Manual page 4 what the water bowl is).

4. Ensure the Humidifier is placed on a level horizontal surface, and the tank is installed correctly.

5. Ensure the variable control knob is on the correct setting.

6. Ensure the floater (white wheel) is functioning properly (that it has room to go up and down).

7. Ensure there is no dust or mineral build up on the oscillator (see Manual page 4 where to find this).

8. If no vapor is produced, ensure the oscillator is not damaged. 

9. Make sure the power is connected the right way.

In case the humidifier still doesn’t work please let us know at, if the humidifier still produces “a fountain” and if you hear the fan working – you can see if this is the case without the water tank on top.

Q. What is the capacity of the water tank?

A. It has a 2.8 Litre capacity: working time is approx. 10-12 hours at ‘minimum’ flow rate.

Q. The humidifier tank does not last the whole night?

A. It has a 2.8 Litre capacity: working time is approx. 10-12 hours at ‘minimum' flow rate.

Q. I hear a dripping sound while it is humidifying. Is it normal? What is the noise level of the humidifier?

A. It is normal to hear a soft dripping sound, especially on the highest mist level. On the low mist level the dripping sound can be heard, but is very quite. So this is normal and part of the humidifiers make up in order to produce the cool mist as it does. 

Q. The description stated that the humidifier is very silent. Why do I hear a gurgling sound while it is humidifying?

A. While it is normal to hear a soft dripping sound, especially on the highest mist level and on the low mist level the dripping sound can be heard, but is very quiet, it is not normal for the humidifier to make a loud gurgling sound. Please contact if that is the case.

Q. What are the sachets of granules that came with the humidifier for?

A. These are 3 scented sachets - an extra bonus - you get with the humidifier.  You can take the sachet out of the plastic and place it anywhere you wish to enjoy a nice scent in that area. 

The scent will last for a few months. You don't have to put it close to the humidifier, you can even place it in your car if you like.  

Q. Do I always have to add aroma oils together with using the humidifier?

A. Adding the oil depends your personal preference. If you just want to add a little scent just a few drops is usually enough (assuming you're using 100% pure oil). If you want it stronger you can add more drops. 

Q. Do I wash the pad/aroma sponge for the oils when I want to change the scent and where can I buy more pads/sponges?

A. We advice to change the aroma pad when starting to use a different oil yet, we do not sell these aroma sponges separately.

You can make small pads with cotton wool by rolling it into small balls, or you can easily use ready bought little cotton balls, felt squares or cutting make-up blending sponges into little pieces.

Q. Can the humidifier work without a filter?

A. You can use the Aennon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier without filters, but we don't advice it. In the filter are what's called "negative ion ceramic balls". The purpose of these balls, thus the filter, is 1) Scavenging free radicals 2) Purifying the air.

Ad. 1. Scavenging free radicals: negative ions balls continuous supply the humidifier with a steady stream of negative ions to achieve the purpose of neutralizing free radicals.

Ad 2. Purifying the air: air pollutants such as dust, exhaust gas of plants and cars, viruses, bacteria and other biological suspensions are mostly positively charged positive ions.

Negative ion ceramic balls, which are in the filter, have negatively charged ions, which can neutralize these air pollutants until there is no charge; this way the air is cleaned as well. It's your choice if you want to use filters or not. 

Q. I threw the base of the humidifier away with the filter, where can I get a new base?

A. Unfortunately the humidifier cannot work without the base and so will the filter not fit without the base. We do not sell the base separately so you would need a whole new unit/ humidifier.

Q. What are the qualities of 100% pure oil?

A. One issue to watch out for when you start using essential oils for aromatherapy is to buy the right kind of essential oils. You have to be very careful because some of what you buy at flea markets and other places isn’t essential oils at all, they’re really perfume.

Local & Sustainable

Your best bet is to find a local source for your essential oils. If they’re grown locally and made locally you’ll get a far better quality of essential oil than if you source them elsewhere.

If you can’t do that, the next best thing is to order them over the net from a reputable business.

Pure High Quality

Buy unadulterated pure oils to ensure that the quality is high. If you can get organic, all the better.

You will need to balance your need for purity with your budget, but a little goes a long way especially when you buy the most pure forms of essential oils that you can afford.

Good Reputation

Only buy from companies with a good reputation. Today, it’s easy to find out what customers think of a particular company with a simple Google Search.

Check them out, find out what professionals are using, and use those essential oils.

When you balance this with your ability to pay, and with how you plan to use them, because it does matter – you can find the best oils that will work for you.

Just understand that sometimes what people call “essential oil” is perfume, if there is any alcohol in the oil it’s a perfume.

To be a real essential oil it’s ONLY oil and only oil of the plant or material named.

We recommend these essential oils on Amazon:

Q. Why is there no difference in vapour/mist producing between the maximum and minimum settings?

A. There should be a very clear difference in the output whether the knob is on maximum or minimum. 

Here is a video where you can see the min. and max output difference of the mist: 

If you have no difference in this setting please contact

Q. Should the humidifier spout be angled towards the bed/away from the bed...Where's the best place to put it in a bedroom?

A. We suggest to have it angled away from the bed. There will be sufficient mist coming to you, even on the low setting. 

Furthermore, as stated in the instruction manual, it's wise to place the humidifier more than 150 cm from the ceiling and more than 50 cm from every wall and the floor. 

Q. What is the room size the humidifier can cover?

A. It's for all room sizes really. That is why there is the mist flow knob - this can be adjusted to the required comfort level and to suit the size of the particular room. See also a sketch in the manual p.5

Q. Do we use normal tap water or soft distilled water?

A. Best is to use tap water. Some areas water is full of lime. If you have soft/ purified water available it can be used but it is not essential.

Q. If it runs out of water in the night, does it switch itself off? Would it harm if leaving on if not, without water

It has an auto-shut off function, so when the water level gets too low it will automatically shut off. 

Q. Is it normal that the base (the one we see once we open the humidifier and take the tank out) is full of water? Doesn't it need to be dry?

A. It is normal that the base is full of water. After you fill the water tank, put the filter in and put it on the base, what happens is that the water immediately will run from the tank into the base. So there will always be water in the base until all water is used. 

Q. The humidifier causes bubbles in our wallpaper and has started removing the wallpaper from the walls - even though we have it very far away from the walls. The floor is soaked in vapour in the mornings. Why is this has happening?

A. You might currently have enough humidity in the air.  By using the humidifier as well under those weather conditions, the room humidity is pushed up even higher, causing excessive humidity on your walls and floor.

What we could suggest it to use a hygrometer to check the humidity level so it doesn't go over the recommended room humidity limit in different weather conditions. 

Q. The LED switch is not working. I cannot set the light colours to a certain colour.

A. There are 3 options, choose between:

1. Auto flow colour: the colours change after every few seconds and continues to do so: circulating through all 7 colours.

2. Choose one colour of your liking; any of the 7 and it stays on that until you turn it off.

3. No colour at all, thus no LED light on. See also a sketch in the manual p.9.

If you are not able to do so, please contact

Q. Can the humidifier work with no LED light at all?

A. There are 3 options, choose between:

1. Auto flow colour: the colours change after every few seconds and continues to do so: circulating through all 7 colours.

2. Choose one colour of your liking; any of the 7 and it stays on that until you turn it off.

3. No colour at all, thus no LED light on.

When you choose option 3 you can use the humidifier without any light display. See also a sketch in the user manual p.9.

Q. I could not replace the filter in time; will it have an effect on the sound and function?

A. No, it should not have an effect on the sound and function. Except that the water will be filtered less effective by the little balls that are inside the filter, thus there might be a slight decrease in quality of water that comes into the air depending on the quality of water that is provided to begin with.