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FAQ USB Rechargeable Headlamp

Q. What kind of battery has the USB headlamp?

A. The headlamp has a Lithium, 1200mAh rechargeable battery.

Q. What is the min/max AMP input?
A. Max AMP input has to be 500mAh for the USB headlamp. (A regular computer USB port gives only half amp, while other chargers can give 2amp and even 3.2amp's).
Q. Can I add another battery or change the battery for another longer lasting one?
A. No, you cannot change the battery as it is build in but you could carry a separate charger like a solar or pre-charged charger with you to re-charge the USB headlamp when away from a power socket for longer than 20-30 hours.
Q. How long will the charging last?
A. Once fully charged, it should last you up to 30 continuous hours. Should you switch it on and off all the time it might be less.
Q. How do I know when the battery is charged?
A. The red light should turn green when the USB headlamp is fully charged.
Q. Is there an overcharge protection device built into in the light?
A. There is no need for this, since there is no is no risk of overcharging.
Q. How long does the USB headlamp take to charge?
A. The USB headlamp takes 4-6 hours to fully charge.
Q. Is there an indicator when the charge is getting low?
A. No, the USB headlamp does not have an indicator for telling you to recharge.
Q. Can I use a mobile phone adaptor and cable as well?
A. Yes, a suitable mobile phone adaptor and cable can be used to charge the USB headlamp.

Q. How many lumens does the light have?
A. The USB headlamp has 220 Lumen of darkness-busting power. 
Q. The dust cover got lost. What can I do?
A. It is possible to cover it by putting a piece of tape over it.

Q. Can the elastic band be taken off and can it be washed?
A. Yes, the band can be taken off but note: at the one end of the strap is a plastic piece attached that can't be taken off. This is the piece to adjust the head strap for any head size. 
If you want to use a washing machine, we suggest only cold soft wash, but you can of course wash it by hand with soft soap.
Q. Is the lamp also suitable for skiing?
A. Yes, the USB headlamp is suitable for skiing.
Q. What is the distance/ area the beam will enlighten?
A. The USB headlamp gives 150 meter or 492 feet of visibility.
Q. How much does it weigh?
A. The USB headlamp weighs 70g or 2.5 ounces
Q. Is there latex in the areas that touch the skin?
A. Only the light changing pressing button has silica gel content in it.
Q. Is the USB headlamp waterproof?
A. Yes, it is waterproof according to the following rating: IPX4 Waterproof grade; ensuring protection against splashing or spraying water from any angle.
Q. Can the USB headlamp be tilted?
A. Yes, the sturdy headlamp body tilts up to 60°.
Q. If I fully charge the USB headlamp, will it still be charged for use in a couple of weeks thereafter?
A. Normally a USB charged battery should hold the charge, yet, like with a mobile phone etc., there is always a small amount of leakage so it will be charged but not necessarily fully charged anymore.