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How to get Desire to have Disciplane

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How do I get the desire to have discipline how do I get the desire to have discipline there I keep getting asked this type of question how do I get discipline or how do I want discipline or how do I maintain discipline and the answer it's it's a simple answer but obviously it's not easy and there's all kinds of little tricks and methods that people talk about and you know they have some merit you know maybe they do work these these things you know do the little things people say and wake up early I say that and write things down and take cold showers and tell everyone what you're going to do so broadcast it and make promises or make bets with with your friends of something that you don't want to lose.

Those things those ideas they're cool I'm sure they're gonna have some impact and if they work for you that's that's awesome but but the fact of the matter is that the reason discipline is hard to maintain is because it is hard to maintain that's what makes discipline hard it's hard and if you hear me claim that discipline is easy for me then straight up that's just my ego talking that's what that is because I'm unfortunately just as human as everyone else and it is work to maintain the discipline that's what it is work holding the line maintaining the standard giving no slack none that's the discipline that's the discipline and it is hard and if there's one thing I would say that does make it easier it's to envision what it feels like when you're done what it feels like after you've worked out or you've held the line on your food intake or you've pushed through some monotonous project that you have to do in all those things when they're done that they feel good and contrary to that envision.

What you will feel like later when you let the discipline slack you know the feeling feeling weak and defeated and you know that you're falling behind so get to know those two different types of feelings and ask yourself which one you want to feel in ten minutes or in a half an hour when when the thing is done when the discipline has Blin implemented remember what that feels like and then remember that those minutes and those hours they turn into weeks and months and years and holding the line in those critical minutes will put you in an infinitely better place physically and mentally if you maintain the discipline so work through the weakness fight through the temptation hold the line hold the line maintain the discipline it is not easy but it is worth it because yes because discipline equals freedom 

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