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How to CRUSH Your Limiting Beliefs

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I would have grown up in a household where money was flowing effortlessly and abundantly then I'd have more money today or how about this one you know if if I just would have been treated with a little more love and a little more kindness my entire life would be different today you know these are common examples of what some people call a limiting belief you know I didn't get what I needed and that's why my life is the way that it is today those gosh-darn limiting beliefs because of that thing that happened you know I need to get rid of those limiting beliefs I need to dig out those limiting beliefs and get rid of them so I can then have the life that I have dreamed of and there's an entire industry that's built up around exercising.

Those demons and getting rid of the stuff you don't want but what if there's an easier way what if you don't have to go through all this struggle and the suffering and the pain of getting rid of something that's actually not even real I mean what is a belief a belief is simply a thought that you've kept thinking that's all the belief is it's a single thought that's been repeated enough times to generate some of its own momentum so it kind of operates on autopilot but you don't need to delete the program it's not how it works your only one thought away from feeling a very subtle very powerful shift in your own energy and her own feelings and as you begin to shift your thoughts one thought at a time you begin to give yourself new evidence you begin to give yourself a new belief a new experience so there's really no need to curse your past or to get rid of these limiting beliefs there are no such things as limiting beliefs there are simply beliefs that have served you up until now so instead of looking backwards and trying to figure out why it happened that way how about let's just get present those things served you up until now so right now what do you want right now where do you want to be give your attention to that and perhaps you can practice a little strategic ignorance and when you feel those old energies coming back you could say nope not going there there's nothing there for me anymore and you will finda minute by minute hour by hour you'll find day by day that these new thoughts take on a whole life of their own and next thing you know you've got a whole new set of beliefs 

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